Don't let go
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baby soul with infinite’s sunggyu and dongwoo on immortal song 2 ♡

Dongwoo once saw a ghost of Myungsoo in their dorm.

Myungsoo came into his (Dongwoo) room to ask if he was going to eat the cheesecake that a fan had given them (there were 4 slices left at the time). Dongwoo said he would, so Myungsoo left to go to the kitchen to get the cheesecake. But time some time passed, and Myungsoo, who left to get the cheesecake, still hadn’t come back, so Dongwoo, feeling frustrated left for the kitchen. But the moment he left for the kitchen he froze in his place. Because he realized that that day Myungsoo was in the middle of filming a drama in Japan, and wasn’t in Korea. But he is certain that he saw Myungsoo leaving to go to the kitchen. And there were only 2 slices of cheesecake left. (source)


Sunggyu in Back

Side note /if anyone cares : So this is my first time doing /hand drawn rotoscope animation and let me just say wtf it is so incredibly difficult >0< Major props to people who do this stuff; Originally there was suppose to be 2 but too much work/effort .-. Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about it but hopefully someone will like this lol 20 frames of pure agony ; By the way, this is the part where Sunggyu says geurae nareul

myung tries to contain his laugh while the others stay calm/possibly judge him ƪ(ᴖ ᴑ ᴖ)ʃ

4가지쇼 화이팅!


infinite’s back x faceless

INFINITE x Back (Pt. I)



Myungyeol enjoy yeol’s part in back

Myungsoo burst into laughter